The Man Who Killed Michael Jordan’s Father: Daniel Green Still Trying to Prove Innocence

Written by Connor McLoughlin

A North Carolina judge is going to hear arguments that will try to prove Daniel Green, man who killed Michael Jordan’s father, later this week. I’ll be honest I know nothing about this; I had no idea Michael Jordan’s father was ever murdered but I am interested to see how this will turn out.

Greens’ family members claim he didn’t pull the trigger, but in an interview, Green said he helped dispose of the body, but was not there at the time of the murder stating that it was his friend, Larry Demery that is the true criminal.

Now as a criminal justice major, I’m gonna have to say that sire, you didn’t kill the man, but you’re clearly an accomplice because you helped dispose of the body; there is no way that Green is gonna get a new trial.


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