Okay, so you remember the Burnout racing games? These were games that weren’t just built on speed, but also a sense of destruction. A few years ago, we had Burnout 3: Takedown, a game that defined aggression just as much as exciting driving. There really hasn’t been another game like it. Sure, we had Burnout Paradise and it was great, but I’m talking about that crazy feeling of Takedown that hasn’t really been mastered since.

Well, that might change. The team at Three Fields Entertainment, featuring some members that previously worked on Takedown over at Criterion, is just about wrapped up on work for Dangerous Driving, which is set to make its debut next month.

You may recall Three Fields’ previous work on the Danger Zone games, which attempted to copy the popular Crash mode that was featured in Takedown. They worked to a minor extent, but it was clear that fans were looking for something more from their games. Next month, they just might get it.

As you can see from the trailer above, Dangerous Driving is all about, well, that. It’s the idea of capturing a first place victory while taking care of any adversaries that try to wreck you. Fortunately, it appears that the game will capture the essence of what make that classic Burnout experience so great, even though it’s still slightly soon to tell without going hands-on.

Considering that EA is pretty much ignoring the Burnout franchise at this point (unbelievably so, if you ask me), Dangerous Driving is probably as good as we’re going to get. Fortunately, it looks like a good deal of fun; and it’s likely to be around the same price as Danger Zone was ($20 or so) once it arrives on April 9 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Fingers crossed we get that good ol’ feeling back. And by that, I mean careening a car into a rail and watching it fly 20 feet in the air. I call it the “Takedown feeling”, and with good reason.


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