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In case you missed it, Dana White and Jake Paul have been feuding pretty heavily, and Dana just dropped a complete bomb on him. Before you watch the video, here’s a timeline of the recent feuds that lead up to this.

Event 1: Jake accuses Dana of doing coke

Event 2: Dana says Jake can coke test him at any time if Jake takes a steroid test

Event 3: ‘Jake’ whips up a whole list of changes the UFC needs to make in order for him to take a steroid test

Event 4: Dana drops this bomb

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed this video. Watched it like 4 times. Some of my favorite quotes:

“You’re too stupid”

“I think he’s a scumbag”

“You’re tanking, you can’t sell pay-per-views”

I mean, he completely body-bagged the guy. Absolutely savaged him, and he’s right about pretty much everything. Jake’s definitely juicing, there’s no chance he actually wrote all of those demands, and he complains so much about the UFC that he should try his own promotion. I wouldn’t put it past him.

I can definitely see a day where Paul FC is putting on complete clown show fights with like Moneyybagg Yo vs Le’Veon Bell as the main event. It would basically be the fighting version of a Ponzi Scheme, but hey, worth a shot, right?

The main takeaway of all this is that Dana White rules. He really does. You just always know where you stand with the guy. Like, nobody’s ever said “I wonder what Dana White thinks of me,” you always know. The guy runs a billion dollar company and still says shit like “Jake Paul is a stupid pussy.” How can you not love that?

Update: He’s even going at complete randos in the comments. Imagine being like a janitor or something sitting on your couch and all the sudden you’re in a comment war with Dana White. He’ll go at anybody,

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