Dana White Breaks News On The Pat McAfee Show That He Will Have A Meeting With Hasbulla While In Abu Dhabi |@danawhite @PatMacAfeeShow @Hasbullah

Written by austenlange

Today on the Pat MacAfee Show the boys had UFC President Dana White on. Now Dana White being on the show is nothing new as he’s always maintained great media relations with Pat. However, Dana let us all in on a nice tasty nugget information that needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

It looks as if our Sweet Russian Prince Hasbulla may be taking over UFC Russia. Now of course Dana could just be feeding into Pat and the boys since they have the worlds largest man crush on such a tiny gentleman, but I tend to believe that even in lies, there is always some truth there.

Now, some people may be questioning the big H dawgs ability to lead the Russian UFC division due to his lack of physical stature and to them I say get the fuck out of here. Our guy Hasbulla is a damn litghtning rod and every single thing he touches turns to gold.

I highly doubt that Dana White would appoint anyone to a position that he doesn’t see becoming a star. Dana loves a big flash in the pan and hiring Hasbulla would be exactly that.

For anyone who isn’t exactly sure who he is let me give you a short summation of his steady rise to fame.

This is the first video I had ever seen of Hasbulla, and it’s a god damn travesty he hasn’t been in my life longer. This is actually one of the longer pieces of his content I’ve seen. I more than likely only see his short little 10/15 second clips that leave me crying in laughter each and every time.

For many people this looks like two toddlers battling it out and just slap boxing one another. Well, that’s just fucked up and wrong. Hasbulla is an 18 year old blogger from Russia, who has a human growth disorder that makes him look more childlike. None of his issues should stop the young Russian from doing anything he wants in life and working with the UFC proves exactly that.

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