Dana White and Hasbulla have finally met

Written by Noah Gagnon

Absolutely massive news out of UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi, as the meeting of the minds that the entire MMA world has been waiting for, has just gone down. Dana White x Hasbulla.

What do you think they talked about? Can we get Hasbulla in the Octagon? You can’t tell me Dana White hasn’t at least considered that. He’s a businessman, and Hasbulla would sell a shit load of Pay-Per-Views. If you think Jake Paul gets Gen Z to tune into fights, just think about what Hasbulla would do.

Even if he doesn’t actually fight in the cage, I think we can all behind Hasbulla taking Bruce Buffer’s job as ring announcer. How cute would that be? You hear this adorable little man belt his little heart out announcing the fighters, and then he leaves and the guys in the cage beat the absolute shit out of each other. The only problem would be if the fighters tried to give Hassbulla the Bruce Buffer fist bump. they’d probably just end up knocking him out cold.

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