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Dana Brooke Calls Out Jim Cornette

Written by Mike Rickard II

Wrestling heat magnet Jim Cornette is at it again, this time mocking WWE Superstar Dana Brooke’s looks. However, Brooke isn’t having any of it and quickly responded on Twitter. Here’s what Brooke had to say:

Jim Cornette’s previous job before his rapid-fire mouth got him in hot water.

It’s difficult to tell what’s going on with “The Louisville Lip.” Long considered one of the best managers in wrestling history and someone with a keen mind for wrestling, Cornette seems to have gone off the deep end with some of his recent remarks, recently criticizing Becky Lynch for getting pregnant. Is Cornette suffering further effects of Trump Derangement System? Has quarantine made him snap? Is he just an attention-starved twit who can’t understand normal thinking and is looking to say anything to keep people talking about him? Cornette has found himself released from more than one promotion and short of working an indie show, he seems to have little options for work in the industry.

Whatever the case, let’s hope Cornette gets his act together before Dana Brooke or someone else knocks him out.

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