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Dana Beers Offering Position at the Zillion Cabinet, If Someone Buys $200 Worth of Merchandise | @DanaB_Number3 @barstoolsports

Dana Beers of Barstool Sports (Dana B) is offering a sweet gig for the Zillion Cabinet.

Beers listed in his tweet/link below that if someone buys $200 worth of merchandise through the Barstool Sports Store’s website, they will get a special opportunity to be interviewed for a certain job in the Cabinet.

That position also has a special perk that they can also drink on the job too.

Quite a few people have purchased stuff from Dana and the Zillion Beers and some got DMed to be interviewed already.

Buy the stuff while you can, because that position could fill up any upcoming day.

I feel that Gunnin’ Beers from Pro Sports Extra should do something like this too, but it’s just an idea when people buy the merchandise.

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