Folks, he did it.

It started with a simple idea that ballooned into a big money maker not just for Dana B – but for Barstool Sports. He was tasked with raising money for the Frates Family – started with $30K in merch, which would give Dana B $10K to donate. That number was crushed. Since then, it’s taken the world by storm. The motive behind all of this – raising money for the Frates Family (Pete Frates) – who helped make the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ever so popular – is what drives Dana B in this cause.

Remember “Saturdays Are For The Boys?” This is the new mantra. As the clock rang 11:00PM on the East Coast, El Pres gave an update showing that the finish line was certainly within reach. Earlier this evening, Dana B & “Zillion Beers” were at $1.3M – and it looked like it would be very close if he were to accomplish the feat.

Dave promised Dana B that he would cover a first-class trip out to Las Vegas if he could hit $1.5M by midnight tonight. Kara was supposed to be home by now – she’s still with Dana.

Dana B is scheduled to go on Boston 25 Sports tonight to talk about his story and the path he has taken to get that $1.5 million at 11:29PM EST tonight.

UPDATE: At 11:38PM EST, Dave gave some results:

But at 11:40PM, Dana B hit Dave with the slam dunk – the Venmo Money. He won.

You can still purchase your “Zillion Beers” merchandise – anywhere from shirts, to hats, to drinkware, and even flags right here.