From friends to threatening that you have dirt on him. That’s the case of Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones.

Snyder has been the topic of a lot of discussion based on allegations of a toxic club culture, sexual harassment, accounting misdeeds and the bungling of a new stadium proposal. Now? He’s ready to look into other NFL teams.

“One owner was told by Snyder directly that he “has dirt on Jerry Jones,” a team source told ESPN, though the nature of the information was unclear. Another source confirmed that Snyder has told a confidant that he has “a file” on Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner who has served as Snyder’s friend, mentor and longtime firewall of support.” 

“The NFL is a mafia,” he recently told an associate. “All the owners hate each other.”

“That’s not true,” one veteran owner says. “All the owners hate Dan.”

Snyder has had private investigators follow around NFL owners for several months to gather dirt on them.

I’m sure we will end up hearing more about this in the upcoming days and hopefully he leaks everything. You can’t come out and say you have a file of dirt on someone and not give out at any hints. Some people are thinking maybe he has some scandalous images of Jones.

Now we play the waiting game. He claims he has dirt on a lot of people:

Also, it’s Jerry Jones 80th birthday today. What a day to have this come out.


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