Dan Snyder Could Be Forced Out By NFL Owners

Back in November, many Washington Commanders fans were elated when it was announced that Dan Snyder has made the first steps to selling the team. Many have long called for the controversial owner to relinquish his control of the team.

A month later, and no progress has been made with regards to a potential sale. The reason for that, Dan Snyder doesn’t actually want to sell the team, according to Mike Florio’s source. In his latest report, Florio reveals that the owner is dragging his feet when it comes to negotiating a sale of the team.

“The source is aware of no objective indication that the process (selling the Commanders) is moving forward. Indeed, multiple interested parties (per the source) have encountered some “resistance” in their effort to move things forward.”

The same Florio report revealed that there is “growing momentum” amongst owners to force Dan Snyder to sell the team.

” The source says that, in the aftermath of the release of the dueling Oversight Committee reports this week, momentum could be growing to force Snyder out — if he doesn’t sell.”

The Commanders franchise has been in constant turmoil and scandals during Snyder’s ownership. He is quite possibly the worst owner of any sports franchise.

Daniel Snyder owner of the Washington Commanders. Photo courtsey of John McDonnell/The Washington Post, via Getty Images

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