Wow what a shocker…..not. ‘Dan” Ornosiffsky yesterday on the Pat Macafee show reported about rumors that he heard about Justin Fields having a lazy work ethic and less than 24 hours later he completely back tracked on it:

If you follow me on the bird, you know I’ve been calling out Dan Orsniffky’s terrible takes since Day 1. Everyone fawns over his analysis and breakdowns of quarterbacks and I think he’s a big bunch a crap. The dude has been clamoring for Carson Wentz and other shitty quarterbacks and look how that has turned out. Maybe it’s because he works for Mickey Mouse and needs to talk up good Christian qb’s lmfao, but it’s honestly so ridiculous. I can go off on this dude all day but it’s really fucking shitty that you spread false rumors about a guy that has his livelihood on the line. One false story can make a prospect drop multiple spots down in the draft and lose them MILLIONS of dollars. Even Kirk Herbstreit who is his co-worker at ESPN called him out:

Stay tuned for more on this story…


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