Dan Orlovsky Absolutely ROAST Stephen A. Smith On Live TV; Must Watch!!! @danorlovsky7

Written by Jonathan Garner

Dan Orlovsky, a former quarterback for our very own, Detroit Lions. He is most famous for leading a team to the very well known, 0-16 record, but now he is one of the better sports talk show host. Today he created a clip that will go down in the sports world history. Stephen A. Smith in the past few days has made comments about Dan Orlovsky’s clothing decisions, so Dan felt the need to fire back. But not just any old twitter beef, he took this to live air on First Take with the whole world watching.

Now we can go out and make it well known that some of those outfits that Stephen A has worn, are brutally awful. Dan does have a solid point, and it is even better that he took it to live air. Now I am sure people are out there that have a problem with what happened because it is not “professional” and blah blah blah. But those people can fuck right off because this is some clown stuff and deserves to be hung up in the Sports Media Hall Of Fame. Starting off with, “your hair looks like it was lined up with a fork” then talking about how his suit, “looks like how my coffee is in the morning” and then going off on his turtleneck outfit.

Although it was all fun and games, and it is all love between the two of them. This was an absolute classic. Great Job Dan!

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