Dan Mullen Has The Most Atrocious Thanksgiving Plate Of All-Time; Is Mama Mullen Focused Too Much On Making Out With UF Players?

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

First off, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. A common theme on this holiday is people posting pics of their meals. Most of them look good, but there are the outliers that are completely deplorable. Florida Gators coach Dan Mullen posted a pic and it looks disgusting. I’m pro mixing everything together but this is the ugliest plate I’ve ever seen. Not sure who cooked the feast in the Mullen household today, but if it was his wife Megan she should be pretty disappointed. Megan has been in the news the past couple years because she’s known for smooching the UF players after they step out of the team bus before the games:

Either way, everyone knows that football players love a good home-cooked meal, so it must hurt UF recruiting when people see this. If I was a top recruit I’m not playing for a coach who eats like this.

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