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Dan Campbell was ELECTRIC on The Pat McAfee Show

The newly hired head coach for the Detroit Lions Dan Campbell went on The Pat McAfee Show today and had an interview nothing short of entertaining. As most NFL fans know, if they ever seen a press conference by this man he is always bringing energy but he answered some questions every Detroit Lions fan wants to know, when are we winning a playoff game? McAfee’s producer Evan Foxy, who’s a big lions fan made a video to play for Dan Campbell since he’s on vacation and he asked that very same question.

Dan Campbell went on to talk to McAfee about his coaching staff hires, and his experiences as a newly hired head coach. It’s gonna be interesting to see what he can do this season and beyond.

He also addressed the controversial “Oklahoma drill” situation when he was the interim coach back with the Miami Dolphins.

You can’t lie the man is entertaining, we have to see if the entertainment and energy can convert to wins for the Detroit Lions.

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