Dan Campbell Keeps The Hits Coming With His Quotes

Written by Will

Dan Campbell just keeps the hits coming with more and moor quotes. This time it’s the quote from his first day as Lions coach and what he told the players on day one. People can get annoyed by him and make fun of him for these quotes such as the national media. But this is a breathe of fresh air compared to the old regime.

The old regime was all about business and being professional and look how far that got them. Oh yeah, a losing record every year and being fired. These type of quotes are amazing and I for one love it. It is just going to be annoying this season when the Lions aren’t performing well and the media puts the blame on Campbell and his antics. When in reality, Matt Patricia set this team back years and this is a long term rebuild. A reason the organization signed Campbell to a six year deal, this is for the long haul. The Lions probably won’t be great or even good this year but that won’t be Campbells fault, the Lions are in no position to win right now. I for one am glad that we have a coach that is passionate and knows how to connect with his team.

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