Yikes…Damian Lillard could very well be playing for another team next season. Lillard has been loyal to Portland for years but that might be over. Portland is currently negotiating a deal with Chauncey Billups to become the teams next head. Fans aren’t happy with the new hire for multiple reasons such as better names being on the market and Billups rape allegations from years ago. Everyone is blaming Damian Lillard for the hire and started to attack him on social media.

The thing is according to Chris Haynes and his sources, the coaching search was done by Neil Olshey, the president of basketball operations for the Blazers. None of the candidates interviewed were suggested from Lillard. This again is according to Chris Haynes and he is very reliable. Especially when it comes to Dame, they are close with each other. That is why his report should scare Blazers fans. We have heard reports recently that Dame is unhappy but now it is for real. Dame could easily demand a trade and go to a contender. Hell, he could have done that years ago, he is a top three point guard in the NBA. He has been loyal to Portland which is rare in today’s NBA.

The fans bashing him for something he didn’t have control over could change that and could be the tipping point. If Dame leaves where do you want to see him play next?


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