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Damar Hamlin’s Physicians Say He’s Showing “Substantial Progress”

Written by Tony Ghaul

University of Cincinnati Health physician Dr. Timothy Pritts said Damar Hamlin has shown “substantial improvement in the last 24 hours” but remains “critically ill” in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s intensive care unit.

Hamlin is beginning to awaken as of this morning and neurologically function is intact. He remains critically ill and in the ICU but there’s been “substantial improvement in last 24 hours.”

Dr. Timothy Pritts said the injury isn’t impossible, but it is very unusual. He credits the Bills medical team for taking all the steps in the NFL’s action plan, including citing immediate CPR as a critical step.

Damar Hamlin has been communicating through writing, physicians said. When he awoke Wednesday night, he asked doctors if the Bills won the game, Pritts said. He’s beginning to move his hands and feet, has no cardiac dysfunction or neurological dysfunction.

“The best outcome would be being the person he was before this all happened,” Pritts said.

Dr. William Knight, left, and Dr. Timothy Pritts from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center share an update on Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin. Photo courtsey of CNN

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