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Dallas Stars Fan Runs His Mouth And Gets Clocked

The Dallas Stars defeated the Minnesota Wild 4-1 on Wednesday night, but the bigger beat down occurred in the stands.

A Dallas Stars found out what happens, when you talk trash to the wrong person. Fights can be a common occurrence among fans as people get loaded up on booze and decide to flex beer muscles.

Here is what was said. “How about you step down here and I’ll box your ass,” the young man said slightly slurred with a drink in his hand during the Stars/Wild game. Well, the guy he was challenging was more than happy to oblige.

He threw a single punch that immediately dropped the Stars fan with the mullet, who also appeared to drop a racial slur during the exchange.

The guy’s girlfriend jumps in to try and defend him. He gets absolutely manhandled while someone calls him a “little boy” and worst of all he tries to play the he started it card.

Photo courtsey of Screenshot/Twitter Video

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