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Dallas Stars Fan Mouths Off N Word to Another Man, Gets Into Fight in Seats During Game vs Minnesota (Video)

During a game versus the Minnesota Wild Wednesday night, a big fight took place outside the ice between two (maybe three) Dallas Stars fans in the seats at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

As you can see in the two clips below, a young fan in a Stars jersey was talking smack to another older fan a row behind him with his girlfriend. Then all of the sudden, the fan uses the N word to the older man and all hell breaks loose with his girlfriend joining in.

In this clip, the fan and his girlfriend would get a couple punches and jabs to the older man behind him, but the man would hold the young fan down in the row until security comes and takes him away.

It’s unclear what happened and led to this escalation beforehand, but we can expect the younger fan and his girlfriend would get kicked out of the arena and possibly received a ban from further events there.

**Headline Photo Courtesy: Buckeye Mike/Twitter**

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