“There’s an old proverb that says all good things must come to an end, and it’s true, all good things do,” Hansen said. “I’ve been waiting 25 years for the Cowboys to win another Super Bowl and I can’t wait anymore.” 

Dale Hansen decided to choose violence today against The Dallas Cowboys, and I am not upset about it whatsoever. Hansen is right. The Cowboys have been anything short of great. The team has not even been to the NFC Championship game since, 1995 and it just doesn’t make sense.

MY whole life I’ve been a Cowboys fan, being chastised for our lackluster playoff performances throughout the years. With teams that were star filled to some that I couldn’t even tell you names of the players, I’ve stayed true but The Cowboys have not held up their end of the bargain.

12 years later, Cowboys' loss to Seattle a reminder of what's on line - Dallas  Cowboys Blog- ESPN

Growing up in the Metroplex of Texas Dale Hansen was a voice that rang all through the house/radio the days leading up to the game. Hansen will be missed and hopefully Dallas can pull one out sooner than later.


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