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Dallas Mavericks’ Luca Doncik’s Girlfriend Doesnt Like To Wear A Lot Of Clothing!

Luka Doncik has done pretty well for himself since joining the NBA. He has become an integral part of the Dallas Mavericks and brought some serious star power to an organization that absolutely needed it.

Doncik is a two time NBA All Star, two time NBA first team, and the NBA Roomie of the Year in 2019. Thus far, he’s accomplished everything necessary but winning an NBA Championship. While that will likely come in the near future, for now Doncik has other things to worry about, like locking down Anamaria Goltes!

Who is Anamaria Goltes you ask? She is a lifestyle and fitness personality that does most of her work on Instagram. And if you’ve never seen her before, you’re definitely missing out. However, if you scroll down below you can see some recent social media posts of hers. You’ll also see that she has no problem wearing very little clothing. Check it out below!

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