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Dallas Cowboys Whining About Playoff Schedule

In typical fashion of this franchise, the Dallas Cowboys reportedly are not happy with the playoff schedule due to if they win the San Francisco 49ers will have more days off and they would play in a short week.

The Cowboys are in the NFL’s Wild Card round, and set to play at the Buccaneers here in Tampa on Monday night.

The San Francisco 49ers play the winner of the Cowboys-Buccaneers game. The Niners played on Saturday, at home, and don’t have to play again until next Sunday afternoon.

It is obviously true that the schedule puts a certain burden on the Monday night winner. In Dallas’ particular case, the Cowboys will get home early Tuesday morning and will face a crunch to get ready for the week before traveling to San Jose on Saturday.

What is funny about this is, you don’t see the Buccaneers complaining about this. They would face the same schedule, if they win the Monday Night matchup.

This typical whining by this big mouth franchise. They complained last year about the officials, after they were dominated on their home field by the 49ers in last year’s playoffs. They just whine and complain about everything. Stop complaining and just play football.

The Cowboys are overrated and over-hyped. They seem to run their mouths and complain a lot. It seems like this starts from the top and works it way down. Let’s hope that the Buccaneers send them home tonight, and if they do, the Cowboys will be whining again.

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