Dallas Cowboys Find Sean Lee’s Replacement In Upcoming Draft

Written by austenlange

With the NFL Draft starting tomorrow, and the Dallas Cowboys Veteran Linebacker Sean Lee retiring it’s only right that the Cowboys go out and draft his replacement.

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Now the Cowboys have the 10th Pick of the Draft and stacking up on defensive potential is an absolute need for the team. With a lack luster secondary and a very injury prone front 7 it only makes sense they draft a strong corner right? Wrong. The fight for field position starts in the trenches and what better player for the Cowboys to draft at 10 than Micah Parsons.

Micah Parsons the Penn State

Parsons is a 6′-3″ 244 lbs linebacker with major upside. In a draft where high defensive players seem to be at a premium it only makes sense that Dallas goes out and gets their guy. This would be one Penn State player replacing another which creates headlines, which is essentially cocaine for Jerry Jones. He’s on 22 years old, has a high motor, and a nose for the football. The only issue with Parson seems to be his commitment to football. Which I call bullshit on. The guy said that football doesn’t last forever and that if it all works out the it works but he will always have a backup plan. Sounds like a astute assumption in my opinion. Lets go draft this kid at 10 and get the back half of the defense in the later rounds. Not many freak athletes fall to the Cowboys and this is a pick that could really elevate us in the long term.

Does this Pro Day performance look like a guy who doesn’t love football? I think not. Parsons is a force to be reckoned with and seeing him in the Blue and Silver would be orgasmic.

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