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Dak Prescott’s Brother’s Tweet About Eagles Going Viral

You just can’t make this stuff up. The Dallas Cowboys are a clown organization. They really enjoy running their mouths.

In a game that could decide the NFC East title race, the Dallas Cowboys face the 12-1 Philadelphia Eagles, the best team in the NFL, next weekend and Dak Prescott’s brother decides to fire a shot at the Eagles.

Ahead of the December 24 matchup between the Eagles and Cowboys, Dak’s brother Tad took to Twitter:

With the Cowboys set to play the Eagles on Christmas, coupled with the comments that Micah Parsons made (then walked back) over the past week, Prescott’s brother decides to stir the pot.

It’s awesome! It’s clear that the Eagles are on the heads of the Cowboys players and fans. The Eagles are an incredibly focused team. They will focus on the Cowboys next week. They are preparing for the Bears right now.

The Heavyweight battle on Christmas Eve should be very interesting. Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles will be ready.

Photo courtsey of Eagles Nation/Twitter

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