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Dak Prescott: The NFL’s Biggest Smacked Ass

Written by Tony Ghaul

I have said for years that Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is overrated. He is a average NFL QB. Some seasons, he’s been slightly above average.

Prescott is basically, “Captain Check down.” He also is a front runner and a stat compiler against bad defenses or secondaries that are down key players.

Prescott can’t win big games comes up small in the post season. He also comes up small in clutch situations. Yesterday’s interception that he threw in the end zone, is another example of who he really is.

Look at that bonehead play. This guy throws into triple coverage. He is not an elite QB.

A big weakness to his game is his personality. He blames others and doesn’t take accountability for his mistakes.

A perfect example, is his responses to yesterday’s loss. This is what Prescott told the press yesterday.

“Y’all put us on top of the world,” Dak said to the media after the stunning loss. “We knew who we are. … I’m sure the media got what it wanted.”

Wait. What? The Cowboys dropping to 2-1 is the media’s fault? The Cowboys only going 1 of 5 in the red zone, capped by a Prescott pick in the end zone with 3:05 left is the media’s fault?

Remember this is the same jackass, who thought it was a good idea for Cowboy fans to throw stuff at the referees, after a defeat to the San Francisco 49ers in a playoff game, a few years ago.

“We moved the ball up and down the field and just couldn’t score,” said Prescott. “That was the reason for this loss.”

Dak Prescott is overrated and delusional. Actually, the Cowboys team is delusional and overrated too.

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. Photo courtesy of Michael Owens via AP

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