We’ve all been there before. A barbecue on the 4th of July that starts out great. Throwing back a couple of Coronas. The next thing you know, you’re ten deep and feeling a little ballsy.

That’s when bad things start to happen.in the video below, we see you’re typical red blooded American Dad looking to give his kids a laugh. His kids had been having a blast all afternoon on their slip and slide, but now it was Dad’s turn to give it a shot. What happened next could have ended much worse, but luckily the unknown man in the video is built like a brick shithouse and could withstand the pain of concrete and steel.

That poor man. That poor fence. He hit that thing at a solid 25 miles per hour and that fence held strong. He’s lucky he didn’t break an arm or even his neck.

But the important thing is that everyone in attendance got a good laugh out of it.


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