Dabo Swinney, Corniest Coach in America

This one of the most ridiculous things Ive heard in a while. If Clemson was built in god’s image the Tigers would be absolutely perfect in every aspect of life and the game of football. Like come on Dabo I understand your playing a character but that sounds fake as hell.

Come on man Dabo running down the hill by himself thats the most pick me thing Ive ever seen. It very clearly, all about him not the players on the field. Dabo loves the spotlight and heres just another example.

There are countless other examples of his ridiculousness. But, I truly wonder are recruits seeing this and laughing at Dabo choosing to not respect him before they walk on campus. Or, are they seeing this stuff and laughing so hard they choose a different school. Because, I know I could play for a guy Dabo i wouldnt follow him into battle ever.

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