D.C. Defenders Team Celebrates Win With Chugging, Shotgunning Beers After Games (Video)

Written by Nate

Talk about taking celebrations to a whole new level.

After the DC Defenders won 27-0 over the New Jersey Guardians, the team brought a legendary twist into celebrating their win, as the majority of the team was seen chugging and shotgunning beers in the locker room.

One key celebration was captured on video and posted by Barstool Sports as DC offensive lineman Cole Boozer was chugging beers with fans from the stands.

Just having his last name as Boozer, seems to have him destined to be chugging those beers down in one sip flat. He should continue doing this after any of the upcoming games, win or lose.

Also his number is 69. Nice.

Along with Boozer’s chug, the team’s victory party continued into the locker room as a few of the players were seen shotgunning Bud Light Seltzers. Peep one of them who might have had some heartburn from the beer he drank in the video below.

I tell you what, these XFL celebrations are making NFL teams who enjoy celebrating wins look like amateurs. Just crazy.

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