Curtis Blaydes defeats Alexander Volkov – via decision @RazorBlaydes265 @AlexDragoVolkov #UFConESPN11 UFCVegas3

Written by Tyler Allen

Round 1 – Blaydes bragged about this being a short fight, and yet he opens up with a takedown. Almost does a Brock Lesnar Style German suplex, but Volkov holds the fence. Blaydes delivers more Knees to the midsection. Curtis Blaydes dominates the round.

Round 2 – Anxious to see how this starts….. Blades and Volkov swing for the fences! Volkov survives, stand up game resumes. Blaydes takes down Volkov again. 7 take downs in total during this fight for Blaydes. Blaydes is in Alexander Volkovs’ Guard. Blaydes deliver some vicious elbows from the top. Guard Breaks and immediately Volkov goes for a kick. But Blaydes goes for and lands another takedown. Round – Blaydes, and I dont think its gonna get any better for Volkov.

Round 3 – Blaydes opens up the round with a takedown attempt that Volkov Blocks. Blaydes goes for the takedown again, Volkov defends again. Blaydes shoving and putting pressure against Volkov against the fence. It seems to be getting to this point for this fight….

Volkov attempts a guillotine choke while trying to stand, fails and both fighters are standing. Round 3 – Blaydes, Volkov is 3 rounds down.

Round 4 – Blaydes goes in and has the back of Volkov early on in the 4th round. Blaydes has set record at 12 takedowns so far this fight. Blaydes gets the takedown, Blaydes is starting to gas out at this point, I don’t think he has gone a full 5 so this is new territory. Blaydes, fucking promised he would make quick work, were almost 20 minutes in…….


The ref stand them both up. Volkov goes for and gets a takedown! 4 rounds later! Blaydes is gassed at this point. Still I think its Curtis Blaydes fight to lose. Round 4 – Blades.

Round 5 – Blades is gassed. and is walking into some shots from Volkov. and eats a big right hand. Blaydes goes for and gets another takedown, clearly to throw it to the judges and get the win that way. He is huffing and puffing good, but Herb Dean is pressing them for action. Volkov goes for a kimura lock, but Blaydes flips out of it. Blaydes gets and lands another takedown and is working in Volkovs guard. Blaydes gets that round and fight.

Blaydes gets the win!

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