Culinary Masterpieces Live from the NBA Bubble

Written by Enzothree

I understand the notion that the meals wouldn’t be perfect in the NBA Bubble. Hell I was all for the restart of the NBA. I’m not going to act like it wasn’t for selfish reasons but I feel like in a world where everything is god damn awful, sports could provide a pretty decent escape.

The NBA has agreed to restart in Orlando, probably one of the hotbeds for the coronavirus right now for sure. Because of idiots who just refuse to believe in trying to contain the virus and dumbass Trump supporters choosing not to masks, our elite NBA athletes are now going to be fed airplane food and fancy Lunchables.

There’s no way players are going to be perfect in following the protocol either. If you wave these type of meals to the NBA players, you bet your ass someone’s gonna end up ordering Postmates or Uber Eats. I’d even argue that this would make things worse for players trying to quarantine to finish the season!

I’d say that the lesson learned here is to wear a mask but delusional Trump supporters are just gonna do what they want anyway.

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