CTE expert says Tua Tagovailoa should never play for Dolphins again

Written by Tony Ghaul

Chris Nowinski, one of the world’s foremost experts on traumatic brain injuries, is not mincing his words when it comes to the future of 24-year-old Dolphins QB TuaTagovailoa.

He says that , “The Dolphins did not take care of you. The fact they put you out there, frankly, If I were Tua, I would not go back and play for the Dolphins, because this was not just a failure of the medical team, this was a failure of the coaching staff, and failure of ownership.”

Tua was tended to by medical staff after suffering head and neck trauma in a truly haunting episode for the QB and all those watching. Photo courtsey of AP

Nowinski believes Tua shouldn’t see the field for a single snap the rest of the season. “My advice would be, having been through it and knowing so many dead athlete stories where there was suicide or some aspect of CTE or some traumatic brain injury, do not go back this season.”

Neuroscientist and former WWE star Chris Nowinski. Photo courtsey of Chris Nowinski/Twitter

Nowinski believes that Tagovailoa seemingly suffered a head injury against the Bills. He says that Tagovailoa showed five signs of a potential concussion, but was allowed to return to the game.

Photo courtsey of TMZ Sports

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