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C’s Snag A Wall Hanger

Written by Connor McLoughlin

The Boston Celtics have beat the Milwaukee Bucks in their best start of franchise history with now being 7-1 with a final score of 117-113 tonight. This game was nonstop action and it came down to the final seconds of the game.

This game was basically a three-point contest; the Celtics broke their record of three-pointers in a game with 24 and would’ve broken the NBA record with just one more. This team was aggressive as hell tonight just from that previous stat alone. Kyrie finished their last game with 33 points against the Pistons and 28 points tonight.

The play of the game? I would say has to comes from Marcus Morris; defending 3 Bucks getting rebound after rebound is amazing! The Defense needs to keep up that momentum and fight for those extra points and possessions, if they continue to play this well then I think the C’s are set for the playoffs.

P.S. Shout out to The Boston Red Sox for bringing some hardware to inspire the Celtics tonight, I mean after all…. they are the next ones to win a championship:


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