Cristiano Ronaldo is Now Bribing The Pope #NotMyGOAT

Written by austenlange

It appears that the tax fraud Ronaldo has stooped down to the lowest of lows. He has began BRIBING the Pope at the Vatican to help his fortune, which is just bonkers.

The worst part about it all is that he couldn’t even do it himself. The spineless man had to send his poor mother to do his bidding with the closest human to God.

I mean would you just look at this BULLSHIT. Even the Pope himself looks baffled.

How dare this mere mortal of a fan come to the pope bearing the absolute worst gift in the entire history of humans. What a disgrace.

You want to know who would have gone to the Pope HIMSELF and given the Pope a much better gift?

The REAL GOAT, Lionel Messi. He doesn’t have time to go and wait around to have God on his team. Messi was born in the likeness of Jesus himself and doesn’t need to go and bribe the number one closest human to God since JC himself.

Ronaldo will always continue to be bitch made and until he is behind bars for bribery I won’t be stopped.

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