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Cris Collinsworth Just Threw Massive Shade Towards Detroit Lions After Praising Matthew Stafford (Video) #OnePride

Written by Nate

The ignorance and shade from the national media towards the Detroit Lions was on live display Thursday night during the NFL kickoff game.

As he and Al Michaels were talking about the upcoming Sunday Night matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams, analyst Cris Collinsworth unleashes a tone-deaf take praising now-Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford for being a good quarterback, saying he ‘did not know how good of a quarterback that he really was.’

Yet got some news for Cris, Stafford was a good quarterback during his 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions.

The reactions from Lions fans are swift, and you can blame them.

There is a reason why he is called Cris Collinsworth-less—because of takes and analysis like this. Can bet you the ONLY reason why he said that quote is just because Stafford is not in Detroit anymore.

Let’s look at the accomplishments that Stafford made with the Lions: he won Comeback Player of the Year in 2011, he’s the fastest quarterback for reach the passing yard marks from 20,000 to 45,000 in a span of his entire career with the Lions.

Oh, he also made the Pro Bowl in 2014, and in 2016 after the retirement of now-Hall of Fame wide receiver Calvin Johnson, Stafford led the Lions to a record 8 come-from-behind wins in a single season!

Detroit fans will also never forget that Stafford played with injuries to his shoulder, leg, ribs, finger and hand so he can lead his team to wins. He may not have been the great quarterback of all-time, but Stafford was certainly a player and leader that Lions fans can depend on, and Cris knows it!

What were trying to say is, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT CRIS!! He knew that Stafford was a good quarterback in Detroit, and only used that line just to piss Lions fans off! And it worked.

This post may be a long rant, but it felt warranted to get one up just so Lions fans can give Cris and NBC a piece of their minds! Cris’s take was so bad and dumb, yet people will sadly believe him. Just hope the Lions in a few years can prove everybody wrong and be a solid contender for once.

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