A mom was watching her baby monitor footage and freaked out when she saw a creepy figure pass her baby’s crib. She posted a clip on TikTok and the rest is history. The mom and her fiancé were home at the time the footage was filmed and didn’t hear anything.

The mother had a weird feeling one day when she put her daughter down for a nap. This odd feeling made the mom check the baby monitor footage and she noticed the figure. The only people in the home at the time included the mom, her fiancé, and their dog who were all together in the living room.

This prompted the mother to search the house for a potential squatter or intruder. They didn’t find a squatter, but they did find an unopened can of food in the attic.

The mom explained the layout of the room and the cameras. She also explained what happened. There are cameras that monitor the crib and entrance of the room.The footage shows the mom go in the room, put the baby down, and leave the room. “Her window is locked. There’s no other entrance to that room. Literally. You never see nothing going in. It was just legs going out,” said the mom.


Part 2 of the video further explains that they checked the attic and found a can of unopened food. The couple has decided to move and purchase a firearm.


Thoughts? Would this situation prompt you to move?


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