With Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order set to arrive this Friday for Nintendo Switch, hype for the superhero sequel is at an all-time high. And now the publisher is giving fans the opportunity to create something personable for their device of choice while they wait for the game to arrive in a few days.

Over on the official Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 game page, Nintendo has set up an option where fans can set up their own custom wallpaper. Here’s how it works.

First, you select what size you want the wallpaper to be. This could be something for your desktop computer, or your laptop, mobile device or tablet, as well as for your Facebook or Instagram page, if you want something smaller.

After you choose its size, you then get to choose from four different hero characters from the 30+ general characters that are available over the course of the main game. (Keep in mind that the DLC-related characters are not included, as they have not been introduced just yet.) These characters vary, including favorites like Venom, Spider-Gwen, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, and others (like the ones I’ve included with mine above).

Once you select your heroes (four in all), you choose the background that you want to use. Currently, there are only two available, but more look to be ready to unlock closer to the game’s release later this week. Once that’s done, you simply set up the background, and you’re all set for your background. You can then download it, or apply it immediately to your social media channel of choice (like Facebook or Twitter). It’s completely free, so head on over and give it a shot!

Now, keep in mind that you need to select four different characters, so you can’t quite create a montage of four different Hawkeyes. (Not yet, anyway.) But if you ever wanted to put together a team with Spider-characters with Venom and/or the Guardians of the Galaxy, here’s your chance!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order releases on July 19 for Nintendo Switch!


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