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Cowboys Talk Radio Hosts Wishes Injury On 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey

Days before the the Cowboys gets set to take on the San Francisco 49ers in a huge divisional round matchup, a few Cowboys radio hosts decided to wish injury on a player from the other team.

While speaking on standout RB Christian McCaffrey, the hosts’ state they could use an injury on the guy who could never stay healthy when he played for the Panthers, so it would make it easier for the Cowboys to advance.

If McCaffrey hears this, it may give him even more motivation to run all over the Cowboys in Saturday’s matchup.

This totally despicable and I can’t believe that these two idiots are even on radio. To wish injury on an opposing team’s player is just awful. Even if you’re messing around, saying you want an opposing player to get injured is something you don’t do in sports media.

Photo courtsey of Deadspin

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