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Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Facing Lawsuit From Alleged Daughter

Written by Tony Ghaul

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is facing legal trouble following a report that a woman who claims to be his biological daughter filed a defamation lawsuit against him.

As per ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr:

“Alexandra Davis, a Congressional aide, sought recognition as Jones’ daughter in a lawsuit filed last year that indicated Jones paid her $375,000 and set up two trusts to conceal that he was Davis’ biological father. The new lawsuit states that in the weeks after Davis’ March 2022 filing, Jones and his representatives waged a public campaign attacking her character, ‘based knowingly on false statements and accusations.’”

Davis also included Jones’ “longtime Arkansas friend” and lawyer Donald T. Jack Jr in the lawsuit. Jim Wilkinson, the outside communications consultant of Jerry Jones is also in the said lawsuit which seeks to draw a financial payback for actual and punitive damages.

The 26 year-old Davis made clear to ESPN on Monday what her true intention in the previous lawsuit she filed was, which was for Jerry Jones to “acknowledge” she was his daughter.

In a statement shared by her lawyers:

“Rather than acknowledging his child, or even taking the opportunity to get to know his child, my father and his associates have publicly smeared my reputation and intentions.”

Per the court documents, it is said that Davis’ biological mother, Cynthia Spencer Davis, and Jerry Jones had struck a deal obligating the Cowboys owner to provide support for them provided that she and her mother do not speak in public about Jones being her father.

Jones was attending the NFL’s annual league meetings in Phoenix on Monday and was unavailable for comment. His lawyer, Levi G. McCathern II, also was unavailable for comment.

Since last spring, both sides have traded accusations, in court and in public, about each other’s motives. Davis and her lawyers have insisted she is not motivated by money.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and wife Eugenia. Photo courtsey of Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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