The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Dallas Cowboys 28-23 last Sunday to move to a NFL best 8-1 on the season.

Cowboys fans and players have spent the last week claiming that the NFL as well as NFL Referees favored the Eagles.

The Eagles were actually the more penalized team on Sunday, accumulating 10 penalties for 98 yards by the game’s end. The Cowboys final drive of the game was aided by three penalty calls against the Eagles.

These claims of the Refs calling the games for the Eagles, is the stuff of loser teams and loser organizations.

This is what the delusional Cowboys players and fans have turned to. This franchise has not accomplished anything of note, since their last Super Bowl win in 1996.

The Cowboys have won just five playoff games in 27 years. They have had six Head Coaches including Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, Bill Parcells, Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett, and now Mike McCarthy, since 1996.

Outside of Bill Parcells, that is a list of overmatched and inempt coaches. The only two decent QBs that they have since Troy Aikman, are Tony Romo and Dak Prescott.

Both Romo and Prescott are good QBs, not great. They are very similar. Both put up hollow stats. They beat up bad teams and inempt secondaries. Both pad their stats against prevent defenses when they are down by double digit points and both are horrible in the playoffs.

This current group of Cowboys players run their mouths constantly and tell everybody how great they are, yet come up small against good teams.

The biggest mouth is LB Micah Parsons. Parsons is a really good player, but if you hear him or the Cowboys fan base talk, he is the greatest defensive player to ever play.

On his podcast on Friday, he claimed that there were “blatant” holding calls that were not called against the Eagles. This is typical stuff out of him. His team loses and he blames officiating.

QB Dak Prescott threw for 374 yards, but 164 of them came in the fourth quarter against a shell defense, that was giving him underneath throws. In the big moments of the game, when it mattered, the Eagles defense sacked and stopped him.

But Prescott and Cowboys fans claimed moral victories, because of the offensive stats that were put up.

Listen to these two Cowboys fans idiotic comments about their team. Skip Bayless and Michael Irvin are just like the entire Cowboys fan base, delusional. Here is a message for the Cowboys players and fans.

The Philadelphia Eagles are just a better team. They have a better roster, better coaching, better talent. The Eagles are 22-4 in the regular season, since the beginning of last year. 22-2 with Jalen Hurts at QB.

The Eagles and Cowboys have another matchup coming up in Dallas on Sunday, December 10 at 8:20 PM and this will be another hard fought game.

The Cowboys will be at home and will be slight favorites. If the Cowboys win that game, you will hear Super Bowl talk and how great they are.

Notice that the Eagles are 8-1 and defeated the Cowboys, but there is no Super Bowl talk or how great that they are talk.

Hence, the difference between the two teams and organizations. The Eagles are about business and the main thing, which is winning.

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