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Cowboys Cut Quarterback In Stunning Move; What’s Next For Dak Prescott And Who Will Start In Dallas?

Written by Chris Powers

The 2021 offseason has been quite chaotic for many teams at the quarterback position. It has been a drama ensued offseason for sure, with the Green Bay Packers being the center of attention at the quarterback role. As we all know, Aaron Rodgers decided to return to the team and put all of the questions about his future to rest, for the time being.

But the Packers are not the only team who have been muddled with quarterback controversy. From the Jets, to the Bears, to the Patriots, among many others, there has also been quite a stir in Dallas ever since Dak Prescott’s injury last year that kept out of for the entire season. The team struggled across the board, including the running game with Ezekiel Elliott. One would think with Dak back this year, that the Cowboys would be the top choice to win the NFC East.

The Cowboys had a few different back ups, and despite Prescott coming off of an injury, they decided to get two of the back ups earlier this week. One would think the Cowboys would like to stay QB heavy going into the season not knowing how Dak will perform, but they chose to go the opposite route.

So what is next for Dak Prescott? It sounds like he has overcome all of the injuries that plagued him last season and during the offseason. His performance during the preseason has shown good results, and it appears he is ready to go for Week 1. Hopefully the Cowboys did not make a huge mistake letting go of a chunk of their backup quarterbacks.

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