Cow On The Loose In New York City

Written by Durr

The weird gets weirder as a Cow is on the loose in New York City. This is not a joke.

It looks like the Cow is at a local park in the City in Flushing. 

With all that is going on in NYC with the Omicron variant, this maybe can bring joy to some, considering that it seems like everyone is doing well within the cow situation.

This is not the first of this kind. I have seen Chickens on the loose as well after falling out of a truck just a couple of months ago.

There are possible scenarios where this cow may have been from. Either a nearby petting zoo or maybe even a slaughterhouse. 

I mean with all the crazy things happening in the world, this story can at least make you smile okay as the cow is expected to be okay and to be taken to a nearby sanctuary.

This cow at least will now have its life saved potentially due to it going to a sanctuary.

Carry on with your day and let me know if you see a cow hanging around.

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