Courtney Tailor murders boyfriend then post on OnlyFans

Written by JordynPSE

On Sunday night 25-year-old Courtney Tailor stabbed her boyfriend to death. Just a week short of his 28th birthday, Toby Obumseli had his life taken from him in the couple apartment in Miami, Fl.

Its not confirmed if the victim was killed in his sleep or if he was awake during the incident. Friends and Family are reaching out to everyone to make sure justice is served, the story is being silenced. They share that the relationship has been toxic but they didn’t know just how bad the abuse was.

Courtney Tailor is currently claiming she has a mental illness she posted bond and was sent to a mental facility. she is currently getting evaluated for mental health problems. Not many people are buying this though especially friends and family of the victim, this is because just a few short moments she posted thirst traps on onlyfans. Which his has quite a following and has 2 million followers on Instagram.

Miami Police Department is not releasing any more information at this time. Courtney Tailor is using the Bakers Act therefore police cant release her name at this time. It is unconfirmed if Tailor is guilty or not. The victim died on his way to being transported by Miami Fire Rescue to JMH’s Ryder Trauma Center.

Toby Obumseli was a caring and kind individual, who most definitely didn’t deserve this horrible death. Family and friends of the victim are asking everyone to please help make sure justice is served and that you dont support Tailor at this time.

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