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It’s only a matter of days before the new MLS season kicks off, and according to the sports books, the Seattle Sounders are preseason favorites to lift the 2022 trophy. Will you be diving into your betting app of choice to back them? Or perhaps you prefer the instant gratification of betting on a specific game in opening week and gathering your winnings on the spot if you call it right.

The truth is these are just two of a whole host of soccer betting options. It’s worth remembering this is the sport that they love the most across the Atlantic in the sports betting heartland, so they’ve put plenty of energy towards developing a complex range of soccer betting choices.

The moneyline

Let’s start with the basics. If you’re a supporter of the Colorado Rapids and can’t wait to cheer them on as they travel to take on LAFC in their opening game, you’ll probably just place a moneyline bet on the Rapids to win. If they manage it, you’ll have an extra reason to celebrate, as most bookmakers are quoting odds of about 7-2! Of course, that means LAFC are warm favorites, so remember the golden rule about not betting more than you can afford to lose. The truth is, many fans put a couple of dollars on the moneyline every game without even looking at the odds. Like wearing a game shirt, it’s a sign of support, and if they win, it’s a nice bonus.


A parlay bet is more commonly called an accumulator across the pond, and is when you place four or more different moneyline bets. The catch is that you have to call all of them correctly in order to win. Get just one wrong and you win nothing, but if you win, the rewards can be genuinely life-changing. There are all sorts of variations and special offers out there that relate to accumulators – for example, many bookies will return your stake if you get all but one right.

Goals galore

Here’s a bet that some people call “the thinking fan’s accumulator.” The problem with conventional accumulators is they are so hard to call as there will always be that one game that doesn’t go to plan. With a golden goals bet, you select your four or more games but you don’t have to predict who will win. Instead, you just need both teams to score to keep your accumulator going. Odds are typically fixed on the number of games in your selection, so it’s easy to check you are getting the best deal.

Live betting

Saving the best till last, live betting (sometimes called in-play betting) is an exciting product of the tech age. It’s most commonly found in soccer, although bookies are starting to expand the offering to other sports, too. In live betting, you can keep placing bets while the game is played out, right up till the final whistle. You have to be quick witted, as the odds shift dramatically after every goal or free kick. It’s probably the most fun form of soccer betting around, but keep your bankroll under control, as it’s easy to get carried away.

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