Could Mr. Majors Win Iron Cowboy for Fourth Time?

Written by Marcus

As Joao Ricardo Viera’s nickname Mr. Majors implies, when it comes to the tent-pole events of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders), after the final bull has bucked, he has a knack for standing on the Can-Am cage holding a big check and championship buck with a big smile.

As the Monster Unleash The Beast series rolls into the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles this weekend, Joao is looking to become a four-time Iron Cowboy champion.

It will not be an easy task and a rather steep climb over the two-day event. But as history has shown, Joao just takes it one bull at a time and often emerges as champion. STAPLES Center was good to Joao last year when he was crowned the 2019 Iron Cowboy after two nights of increasingly rank bulls as the rounds progressed.

As far as grueling sports go, getting on these rank bulls 3-5 times across a weekend event is extraordinarily hard. At Iron Cowboy, the bull riders advancing to round two will get on at least two bulls the first night and the second night at least three more bulls if not more, if rerides are given.

Viera is a chiseled veteran bull rider who’ll draw on the experience of winning this event three times already. After winning the season-opener – the Monster Energy Buck Off At The Garden in New York – he should be a contender for the championship and six-figure check in Los Angeles as well.

It would not be surprising to see Joao with a big grin on his face atop the Can-Am cage at the end of the event being crowned the Iron Cowboy. The big lights and pressure seem to force him to dig deep down inside himself and ride the 1,800-pound beasts for 8-seconds at a time. Whatever it is that he does before these big events like Iron Cowboy has been working in leading to big paydays.

Will Mr. Majors walk out of STAPLES Center crowned the 2020 Iron Cowboy? Nothing is a given in this punishing sport. But, given his history and how he performs at PBR Majors, it would be foolish to bet against the awesome Brazilian with a big-smile

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