With the NFL trade deadline today at 4 PM EST we will all look forward to the media storm of players being sent to other teams all across the league. All season people have been speculating that Houston Texans star Deshaun Watson will be on the move today. Now, there have been a number of suitors for the young QB but as we all know there’s a bit of a hang up with this situation.

Watson is still waiting to hear back on the status of the allegations he has lingering over his head at the moment. With the world being the way that it is now, it makes me wonder if teams are just wanting to wait till this is resolved before making their aggressive offers to the Texans. With Watson’s contract however, he basically holds all the cards. His contract is set up in a way that he and the team must agree on a trade destination for him, again making this all way harder than it needs to be.

Watson is a stud when healthy and on the field. He’s been a staple name in football since stamping his name into history by beating Alabama in the National Championship with a pass (pick play), to Hunter Renfrow. Watson’s skill has never been in question but what really worries teams are his legal litigations.

A team I could for sure see making a massive push for the young QB is the Denver Broncos. Now I know they were just sellers by moving on from 32 year old Edge Rusher Von Miller, but I really do believe that the Broncos secured those day 2 picks because they know they want to spend some of their first round action on a trade for their future franchise QB. Now, Watson would have to agree to this but c’mon, this offense is juiced. Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Noah Fant, Javonte Williams, and Melvin Gordon. This option makes the most sense to me as the Broncos are a good QB away from being competitive in the AFC West.

The Broncos are also trying to earn more draft picks with a great slot cornerback. If this does come to fruition, look for a big push from the Broncos to obtain Watson.

Now, stay tuned in all day as news should be breaking all over the place. Be sure to follow @ProSportsExtra on all social media outlets for quick and fast coverage on the trade deadline.


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