Could Deshaun Watson be suspended for the entire 2022 NFL season?

Written by Tanner Phifer

There is a trianging report on the Washington Post‘s Mark Maske that the league could come to an agreement to “probably” suspend Browns new QB Deshaun Watson for the entire season. This doesn’t come as a surprise though, as there are over twenty sexual misconduct/assault charges pending against the star player.

Watson was traded to the Browns and signed to a five-year, $230M, fully guaranteed contract extension, but may not even play for the team at all during his first season in Cleveland. This has Browns fans wondering if the team has been improved or set back even more. If Watson is suspended, it’s not believed that Baker Mayfield will be on the team to begin the season.

The team is truly in another predicament at the quarterback position and could be looking like their olds elves very soon if something isn’t decided on soon.

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