Andrew Yang’s run at President of the United States might have been ended early but that doesn’t mean that Yang is done pushing, he’s just getting started.

Multiple candidates have reached out to Yang asking if he’d like to be Vice President, but without a President endorsing the idea of UBI, Yang might not make that move. If one of the candidates do endorse the idea of UBI, he’ll be ready to be a running mate.

Yang has a huge announcement today as he will be a guest on the TV show, The View. What could it be?

I don’t know what the big announcement could possibly be. Yang’s party was asked if it had anything to do with an endorsement for one of the Democratic nominees but they denied it.

Could Andrew be announcing that he is running for New York City Mayor?

“You know, we’re looking at it,” he said when I asked if he’s thinking about running for mayor of New York City.

Could it be? Andrew Yang for Mayor of NYC?