Could A.J. Brown, Terry McLaurin and Deebo Samuel All Be On The Move?

Written by BadBoiCiCi

What will happen with A.J. Brown, Terry McLaurin and Deebo Samuel?

The wide receiver market has been reset in a big way with Tyreke Hill getting his deal, Devante getting his and Christian Kirk getting the Jaguars’ tax to go down to Jacksonville. So these receivers all wanna do some shaking up on the market of their own. None of these guys I assume wants to be the first of the group to get paid because the one that follows, follows that deal up getting more money. 

Each of these guys all have the same agent so he can use knowing what the other guy is being offered as leverage to each team which makes this much more difficult for each team. The biggest problem with all these teams is that they all have quarterbacks getting a huge chunk of the cap, none of them being worth it. This has become the new normal in the NFL with each player not wanting to report until a deal is done… or they are dealt to a team that will pay up. 

This has been a trend ever since the Deandre Hopkins trade in the 2020 offseason. The Texans couldn’t afford to pay Hopkins so they dealt him to a team with a quarterback on a rookie deal. Bill O’brien got a lot of backlash for the move but that is just the business side of football. 

These three young receivers will have to wait for their teams to move some money around if they wish to get paid. It’s not a matter of if with these guys, rather when. Until “when” happens these teams shouldn’t plan on seeing these guys at voluntary workouts. This could be trouble for the 49ers and the Commanders as both of these teams will have a new starter this year not getting reps or rapport with their number ones. I hope Wentz and Lance get invites to private workouts, or maybe these guys already plan to be on the move. I’ll just have Schefter and Rappaport notifications on until then.

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