Cosmetics Influencer fights Coronavirus: Ethan Peters (@ethanisupreme) debuts surgical mask with a powerful message

Written by TrevStone

Ethan Peters, known to his 521K Instagram followers as @ethanisupreme, has caught the world’s attention with his take on a surgical mask amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Unlike the beauty influencers who were recently featured on Metro for their makeup looks while wearing a surgical mask, Ethan designed a hand-painted mask that was labeled with a powerful message “The Only Virus Present is Your Racism”. 

Not only did the influencer deliver a powerful statement by posting to his Instagram platform, but he also posted a behind-the-scenes video to his 484.3K Tik Tok followers which explained his reason for creating the design.

The video captions read: “With the coronavirus being a serious issue, racism towards asians is more prevalent than ever. But viruses don’t have a racial preference. So stop being racist and wash your hands ”. The captions roll over clips of Ethan applying the mask to his face while a cover of Kendrick Lamar’s All The Stars plays in the background.


Blow this up so people get the message 👏🏼👏🏼 ##coronavirus ##corochallenge

♬ all of the stars edited – evintage

Ethan’s goal was to identify the importance of the conversation around race during the rise of the coronavirus disease, which he accomplished by taking an innovative approach with his skill set for makeup. 

This is not the first time the Influencer has used his voice and his platform for the greater good. He regularly advocates for the LGBTQ community using his social platform and has recently been extremely vocal about his struggles as a self-made LGBTQ businessperson. In an interview with Vice last year that highlighted on his recent success, Peters shared he was kicked out of middle school for his sexuality. “After seeing the way the article resonated with my fanbase,” Ethan quotes “it motivated me to find ways to make a positive difference using my platform. The ‘mask’ is just one of many ideas I have lined up that can help make the world a better place.”

To date, Ethan is the first influencer to debut a hand-painted mask design during the coronavirus outbreak. We will be eagerly watching to see whether Ethan causes a trend, and look forward to his future innovations that similarly spread a positive social message. 

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