Corinna Kopf Is Being BANNED From Twitch For Being To Hot? @CorinnaKopf

Written by austenlange

Popular streamer Corinna Kopf made her debut back onto the video game streaming website Twitch a few weeks ago and it was ended quite abruptly.

This is hardly the first time that Corinna Kopf has faced a ban from the streaming service. In fact, it was a ban for supposedly wearing risque clothes led to her first thinking of leaving the streaming app just only a few years ago.

Eventually a year-old clip that saw her get into a spate of trouble with the site sparked her departure to Facebook Gaming, after starting her career on YouTube. After spending two years with Facebook she returned to Twitch this March and almost immediately started seeing success with her IRL streams. However, it only took a couple of months for her relationship with the platform to become rocky again.

It appears that these gamer nerds HATE tits. Corinna is a fucking smoke and just because she shows some skin doesn’t mean she can’t produce good content. I sound old as fuck here but today’s generation is soft. You can’t let a proud woman go out and show herself off without being so insecure that you shut down her platform. Absolutely bananas here. I say we all come together and making a streaming app where women can be as naked or clothed as they wish. Who gives a fuck.

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